Our company mainly produces plate heat exchangers. The company's main brands are HRSB, BEST, Secespol, and the agent brands are Austrian Fischor, American TRANTER, and Danish Sondex. In addition, the company can also provide the major brand accessories of the swap version. Reasonable price, good quality, look forward to long-term cooperation.

Welcome to Shanghai Move thermal Technology Co., Ltd,We are a large Plate Type Heater/Plate Type Cooler manufacturing factory.we are mainly produce HRSB BEST SECESPOL three brand Plate Type Heater/Plate Type Cooler,We have introduced advanced technology from abroad and established a long-term cooperative relationship with the British HRSB company. At the same time, we have also continuously studied the high-paying technology of major brands and continuously improved the quality and production efficiency of our products. Our advantages: independent production, strict inspection, cost-effective, after the sale to ensure that there are questions and answers, do our best to help customers solve all problems.
At the same time, we also represent major brands(Production base of each brand all are in China),mainly brand : Danish SonDEX (Saunders), British APV (An Peiwei), American TRANTER (Biography), German GEA (Kiie), German THERMOWAVE (Samo Fu), and HRSBerriquand (HRSB).

Welcome to order our plate heat exchanger,Plate type cooler
Sorts & use :
Functionclassification:Plate type cooler/Plate type heater  
Plate type cooler is used in cooling of lubricating oil/fresh water/acid or alkall medium of dynamic equipment;
Plate type heat exchanger is used for heating fresh water,oil,drinking water

stuctre :
Plate type heat exchanger enjoys advantanges of compact shape,small size and convenient maintenance. 
Different corrugations (ripple leve / invertedv / diagonal) and good performance are decided with heat transmission of plate type hea exchanger.

Features: Compact structure, small area, good heat transfer effect, small pressure drop, a variety of fillers, good corrosion resistance, especially in the treatment of foamy materials and vacuum operation, has its unique advantages.
Advantages: high heat transfer efficiency, large logarithmic temperature difference, light weight, small area, convenient cleaning, and easy to change the heat area or process combination, suitable for heat transfer in multiple media.
Application: Widely used in the petroleum industry, power station, solar photovoltaic, electronics industry, papermaking industry, textile industry, chemical industry, marine and engine, HVAC, food industry, edible oil processing, metallurgical industry and so on.
Role: Heat exchanger is a device that transmits heat from a hot fluid to a cold fluid, also known as a heat exchanger. Its main function is to guarantee the specific temperature required by the process for the medium.
It can transfer heat between materials between two or more fluids at different temperatures, transfer heat from a higher temperature fluid to a lower temperature fluid, and bring the fluid temperature to meet the flow specifications to meet the needs of the process conditions., At the same time, heat exchanger is also one of the main equipment to improve energy efficiency.
How to purchase: 
1.Please send me your basic reference temperature (inlet/outlet)of the heat exchanger first side and the heat exchanger second side which temperatue can may meet your requirement.Also please tell the mass flow rate
2.If you dont know the above NO1, please send me your connection size (DN) and max surface with your mass flow rate of the heat exchanger two side. 
3.After get your inquiry,we will comfirm which model suitable for you. 
4.Comfirm the material of the Plate and Gasket 
5.Discuss the price
6.Make the deal