•  Fishcor Plate Heat Exchanger
  •  Fishcor Plate Heat Exchanger
Fishcor Plate Heat Exchanger  Fishcor Plate Heat Exchanger

Product Introduction

Welcome to custom our product Plate heat exchangers product

Brand:Fisil (fishor)  Item:Plate heat exchanger

1.Frame material 3 kinds: commonly carbon steel paint ,carbon inner with stain steel out surface,Pure stain steel frame 

2.Port 4 kinds :  stud bolts with lining,selding neck flange,lapped flange,lapped flange with plain collar.

3.Plate material & thickness : Commonly AISI304/316/Ti plate 0.5/0.6mm

4.Gasket material : EPDM&NBR&FPM or others.(Most commly use is EPDM)

5.Plate models:Various

6.we offer perfect after-sale service system for repair and training.

7.We offer professional technology selection service,free service to help choose Appropriate models for you.

8.Our products are mainly to many countries,such as Pakisitan,India,Malaysia,Russia,Austrilia,Vietnam,Spain and so on.

9.Packing size: standard export wooden packing or steel frame packing.

10.Weight and packing size:we offer specized Chinese and English calculation books.

10.Our MOQ:1pcs Nearby Port:Shanghai  we do EXW,FOB,CIF

11.100% in advance before shipment.payment terms : TT/L/C

Product Features:

1.High heat transfer cefficient

2.Heat transfer temperature difference is small

3.Save a space

4.Not easy to scale

5.Load incerease and decrease is convenient

6.So the heat exchange process combination

7.Easy operation and maintenance.

Pressure vessel code technical standard

  • American ASME stanards
  • The 3A standard
  • The ISO 9001 quality system certification
  • German DIN standard
  • CCS china classification society certification.

Product Specification:

FISHOR PHE Technology Specification
Model Connections Flow Rate Max P.NO MAX Max surface
mm pcs
FS40 32 20 50 3
FS70 50 40 76 5
FS140 50 40 427 59
FS170 50/65 40 609 100
FS190 65 65 609 115
FS220A 100 180 698 146
FS220B 100 165 538 118
FS420A 150 380 670 274
FS420B 150 360 532 223
FS620 150 380 670 415
FS430 200 700 695 300
FS650 200 700 695 450
FS1000 200 700 695 695
FS1300 200 700 695 900
FS800A 300 1600 930 744
FS800B 300 1600 930 750
FS1200 300 1600 930 1115
FS1900 300/500 1600 930/930 1750/2210
FS2500 300 1600 930 2334
FS3000 500 4000+ 930 1860

Shanghai MOVe Austria Fisher plate heat exchanger
Fisil (fishor) is a professional supplier of plate heat exchangers, which combines the design, manufacture, consultation and after-sale service of plate heat exchanger products. The company introduced the technology and technology of Austria Fisher plate heat exchanger in 2008 to become our company's partner in China.
Fisil (fishor) has a professional team that has accumulated decades of experience in the field of heat exchange. It is committed to the design, manufacturing and maintenance services of heat exchange equipment, as well as technical innovation.
At the same time, our company has the right of independent import and export, and has a wide range of partners and procurement channels at home and abroad. Both domestic and foreign can purchase the whole machine and core components of international famous brand heat exchangers. It can provide the domestic partners with the above products, which can effectively reduce the cost of purchasing, and provide satisfactory technical consultation and technology. Therefore, Austria FISCHOR (Fisil) plate heat exchanger brand provides you with the most advanced and optimal product in the world. It is also the best choice for you.