•  APV plate heat exchanger
  •  APV plate heat exchanger
APV plate heat exchanger  APV plate heat exchanger

Product Introduction

APV plate heat exchanger

H17 N35 Q030 Q055 A055 A085 J060 J092 J107 J185 

The plate of the APV plate heat exchanger has a plate locking function at four corners, which improves the pressure resistance of the plate and can be easily installed during maintenance. After the lock slots in the four corners are locked with each other, To ensure the reliable positioning of the plate heat exchanger.

Unique interlocking location
A unique feature of Paraflow is the interlocking gasket. A series of erect umbrella arches and umbrella shells ensure that all parts of the gasket are reliably supported in combination with the patented pressure tank. Provide plate and plate support strength for the sealing system. In compaction and operation, the alignment of the Paraflow beam is guaranteed by the erected ribs.
Embedded gasket
Paraflow can be equipped with APV's Parac doormat, which uses a mechanical connection method and can be fixed to the plate without bonding. Savings in time and money when disassembling gaskets, as no additional initial costs are required
The APV gasket is designed as a double seal to prevent the two fluids from mixing. When production is abnormal(for example, pressure shock) leaks, the fluid enters the dead zone formed by the double seal and is then discharged from the drain. This design makes the leak easy to find and can find the leak site.