•  Tranter Plate heat exchanger
  •  Tranter Plate heat exchanger
  •  Tranter Plate heat exchanger
  •  Tranter Plate heat exchanger
Tranter Plate heat exchanger  Tranter Plate heat exchanger  Tranter Plate heat exchanger  Tranter Plate heat exchanger

Product Introduction

Tranter Plate heat exchanger

1.Frame material : commonly carbon steel paint ,carbon inner with stain steel out surface,Pure stain steel frame 
2.Port:  stud bolts with lining,selding neck flange,lapped flange,lapped flange with plain collar.

3.Plate material & thickness: Commonly AISI304/316/Ti plate 0.5/0.6mm

4.Gasket material : EPDM&NBR&FPM or others.(Most commly use is EPDM)


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Name Plate Heat Exchanger
Brand Tranter
Plate material

Stainless steel (AISI304,AISI316) titanium and titanium palladium (Ti, ti-pd)

,20Cr,18Ni,6Mo(254SMO), nickel (Ni)HASTELLOY alloy

Gaster material NBR,HNBR, EPDM, FPM, CR, Viton
Frame material Stainless AISI304/AISI316  or Q235B etc
Connect material NBR,HNBR,EPDM,stainless AISI304/316 etc

1.Sealing gasket is not exposed

 2. Advanced plate structure

 3. Advanced framework structure

 4. Solid sheet thickness


Widely used in petroleum industry, power station, solar photovoltaic,

electronic industry, papermaking industry, textile industry, chemical

industry, Marine and engine, hvac, food industry, oil processing, 

metallurgy industry, etc

Sealing material: adapt temperature Suitable for fluid
NBR -15~+120℃ Water, sea water, cooking oil, salt water
HNBR -15~+140℃

High temperature mineral oil, high

temperature water

EPDM -25~+170℃ Hot water, water vapor, acid, alkali
Viton -5~+130℃ Acid, alkali, fluid
Plate material Suitable for fluid
Stainless(AISI304,AISI316): Clean water, river water, cooking oil, mineral oil
Ti,Ti-Pd: Sea water, salt water, salt
20Cr,18Ni,6Mo(254SMO): Dilute sulfuric acid, dilute salinized water solution, inorganic water solution
Ni: High temperature, high viscosity caustic soda
HASTELLOY: Concentrated sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, phosphoric acid

We can offer the following PHE fast delivery.

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Brand        Model          ALFA-Laval SONDEX Thermowave GEA APV Tranter
PHE M3 S4 TL90 VT4 H17 GL-13
M6(B/M) S7 TL150 VT8 N35 GC-16
M10(B/M) S8 TL250 VT10 Q030 GX-18
M15(B/M) S14 TL400 VT40 Q055 GC-26
M20(B/M) S17 TL500 VT20 A055 GX-26
TS6 S19 TL650 NT100(T/M/X) A085 GX-42
TL10B S21 TL850 NT150(S/L) J060 GX-51
MX25(B/M) S22 TL100 NT250(S/L) J092 GC-51
M30 S47 TL210 NT350S J107 GC-60
TL6 S41 TL600 N40L J185 GX-60
TS20 S42 TL550 GX-91
T20 S62 TL750 GX-100
AK20 S43(AD) TL800 GX-85
S65 TL200 GL-85
S100 GL-140
S81 GX-140